Crush Tester

This machine is suitable for testing ring crush, edge crush, flat crush, pin adhesion of corrugated board, corrugatingmedium test of fluted paper and compression strength of small cartons

Direct lcd digital read out of load in kgf

Micro controller sophisticated electronic unit forprecision and easy operation

Load peak hold facility

Printerport to generate test report (80 colm dot-matrix printer to be provide by user)

Testing attachment supplied with machine one ring crush disc and button for different gsm of the paper, edge crush attachment and flat crush attachment, other attachment available on request

Suitable to test following standards

  • Ring Crush Test
  • Tappi T 818om-87
  • Is 12192(2002)
  • Fcbm 19:98
  • Edge Crush Test
  • Tappi T 811om-88
  • Flat Crush Test
  • Tappi T 808 Om-92
  • Is 4006 (Part Ii)1976
  • Pin Adhesion Test
  • Tappi T 821 Om-96
  • Is 4006 (Part I)1966
  • Concora Medium Test
  • Tappi T 809om-99

Available Model

  • Micro Controller Model With Printer Port
  • Computerised Model
  • Touch Screen Model


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