Bursting Strength Tester

Bursting strength tester:- mcsparr bursting strength tester is suitable for testing burst strength of the paper, paper boards, corrugated sheet /boxes, industrial fabrics, rexine and leather,etc

Available types of bursting strength tester

Paper tester:- fitted with thin rubber diaphragm to accurately test the burst value of paper and thin foils , which is have lower burst value (capacity 0 to 7kg/cm2 and 14kg/cm2

Board tester:- fitted with thick rubber diaphragm to test higher burst value products like corrugated board fabric cloth and paper bord (capacity 0 to 35 kg/cm2/ 50kg/cm2

  • And 70kg/cm2
  • Suitable for testing as per following standards
  • Is 1060(part i) 1966, -
  • 1397-1967 (kraft paper)
  • 13228-1991 (corrugated board)
  • 1966-1975(fabric)
  • 2711(parti)-1977(corrugated box)
  • Tappi t403 om-91 (paper)
  • T807 (paper board and liner board)
  • T810 om-92 (“corrugated and solid fibreboard)
  • Astm d774 / d774m-96a (paper)
  • Fcbm 3:90
  • Fefcotm4 1997(board)

Available Model


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