Box Compression Strength Tester

Box compression strength tester is used to measure the containers resistance to the external compression loads during transit and storage period, this is suitable to test stacking strength of corrugated boxes and other type of contaiers

Suitable to test following standards

  • IS :7028 (PART VI)1973
        : 7028 (PART IX)1975
  • ASTM D4577-94/ D 642-98
  • FCBM 14:96
  • TAPPI :T804 om-02
  • FEFCO:TM 50 1997

Available Model

Capacity available

  • 1000 kgf,2000 kgf and 5000kgf
  • Features of digital model
  • Direct lcd digital display readout of compression strength in kgf and deflection in mm
  • Sophisticated electronic micro controller system for easy operation and precision
  • Fully automatic single start test button
  • Electro-mechanical drive system testing speed 10±3mm per minute
  • Load display least count 0.1 kgf and deflection least count of 0.1mm
  • Test result peak-hold facility
  • Auto tare set function
  • Printer port to generate test report and graph
  • Provision of test mode- pre-load, pre-length and instant mode


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