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Crush Tester

Crush Tester 7 inch Colour Touch Screen

This machine is suitable for test ring crush, edge crush, flat crush, pin adhesion of corrugated board, corrugating medium test of fluted paper and compression strength of small cartons. Direct 7 inch colour Touch Screen digital read out of load in kgf /Pound/ kN

Testing attachment supplied with machine one ring crush disc and button for different gsm of the paper, edge crush attachment and flat crush attachment, other attachment available on request.

Crush Tester - Fully Auto Touch Screen Model

RCT Cutter

ECT Cutter

Suitable to test following standards

  • Ring Crush Test
  • Tappi T 818om-87
  • IS 12192(2002)
  • Fcbm 19:98
  • Edge Crush Test
  • Tappi T 811om-88
  • Flat Crush Test
  • Tappi T 808 Om-92
  • IS 4006 (Part Ii)1976
  • Pin Adhesion Test
  • Tappi T 821 Om-96
  • IS 4006 (Part I)1966
  • Concora Medium Test
  • Tappi T 809om-99


  • Test reports with Graph and Data
  • Test Result peak-hold facility
  • Auto tare set function
  • Alphanumerical Keypad for Data entry
  • Built in Real Time Clock
  • 2 USB Port
  • 1 USB Port for PC Keypad interface
  • 1 USB Port for Pen Drive interface
  • 8GB Data Storage for Samples Test
  • RS-232 Port for Online PC software interface or Serial printer interface
  • 21CFR Programmed in PC Model
  • Buzzer for Rejection indication
  • 50 User Name selectable Programs
  • External Relay card with SMPS & LED indication
  • Programmable Batch size up to 30 samples
  • Online Display of Average, Max reading of samples tested
  • Report saving with date & time stamp
  • Data view as per date & batch number
  • Automatic batch number according to date & time
  • Same data can be copied on to pen drive
  • The copied data from pen drive can be viewed on PC in EXCEL software directly
  • High Speed ADC interface
  • Software calibration of Load Cell
  • Test Unit selectable Kgf/ pound/ kN as per Test
  • Unit Least count 0.1in Kgf
  • Load Cell Over load Protection
  • Mode of Test - RCT, ECT, FCT, PIN Adhesion and corrugating medium test of fluted paper
  • Separate panel Switch for Test Start operation
  • Once test is over automatically the upper platen moves up with 40mm per Min speed and stop its as per the last tested Sample
  • McKee formula support is provided for calculate BCT value while testing ECT

Ring Crush Test

Edge Crush Test

Flat Crush Test

Pinn Addition Test